Other Publications

AirTAP Publications

Rates and Charges Study: 2023 Minnesota Airports Survey Results (PDF)
Provides information, collected as part of the 2022 MnSASP, about the fees that Minnesota’s public-use airports are charging for aviation services.

PFAS Forum: Cleanup and Upcoming Regulations summary report (PDF)
Summarizes speaker presentations and provides additional references for airports from a half-day seminar held in April 2022.

Airport Snow and Ice Operations fact sheet (PDF)
Provides concise information on winter airport operations in a one-page format.

TRB Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Publications

The federal Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP), administered by the Transportation Research Board, provides practical aviation research to address technical and operational issues. The publications are available from the TRB website.

Recent ACRP Publications

Guidebook for Managing Small Airports, 2nd edition (ACRP Report 16)
Provides operators and managers of small airports with resources and techniques to help them meet their responsibilities.

Last Mile in General Aviation—Courtesy Vehicles and Other Forms of Ground Transportation (ACRP Synthesis 111)
Compiles options, practices, and tools for airports to use to develop a sustainable last-mile strategy to connect users of general aviation airports to the communities that they serve.

Airport Operations Training at Small Airports (ACRP Synthesis 112)
Focuses on airport operations employees and aims to better understand current training methods and programs in use by small airports in the U.S. to train airport operations employees.

Measuring Quality of Life in Communities Surrounding Airports (ACRP Report 221)
Addresses an emerging need for airports to take a more holistic look at how they affect their neighbors and how they can build stronger community relationships