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TRB Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP)

The federal Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP), administered by the Transportation Research Board, provides practical aviation research to address technical and operational issues. The publications are available directly from the TRB bookstore or the TRB Web site. You may also borrow the reports from the CTS transportation research library by contacting CTS at 612-626-1077 or

Recent TRB aviation-related publications include:

Airside Snow Removal Practices for Small Airports with Limited Budgets (ACRP Snythesis 67)
Covers challenges and successful strategies airport operators use at small airports with significant budget and other constraints to coordinate and conduct snow removal operations.

A Guidebook for Airport Winter Operations (ACRP Report 123)
Provides direction to airport facilities as they prepare for, operate during, and recover from disruptive winter events. 

Understanding the Value of Social Media at Airports for Customer Engagement (ACRP Synthesis 56)
Compiles current literature and practice on how airport operators use social media to enhance customer engagement.

Conducting Aeronautical Special Events at Airports (ACRP Synthesis 41)
Consolidates available information and lessons learned on how to successfully plan, organize, and conduct an aeronautical special event and restore normal operations after the event.

Guidebook for Managing Small Airports (ACRP Report 16)
Provides operators and managers of small airports with resources and techniques to help them meet their responsibilities.

Synthesis of Information Related to Airport Practices (ACRP Research Results Digest 3)
Digest of the progress and status of ACRP Project 11-03, Synthesis of Information Related to Airport Practices.

Airport Sustainability Practices (ACRP Synthesis 10)
Explores airport sustainability practices across environmental, economic, and social issues.

Effects of Aircraft Noise: Research Update on Select Topics (ACRP Synthesis 9)
Includes an annotated bibliography and summary of new research on the effects of aircraft noise. The report is designed to update and complement the U.S. Federal Highway Administration’s 1985 Aviation Noise Effects report.

Common Use Facilities and Equipment at Airports (ACRP Synthesis 8)
Explores common use technology that enables an airport operator to take space that has previously been exclusive to a single airline and make it available for use by multiple airlines and their passengers.

Airport Economic Impact Methods and Models (ACRP Synthesis 7)
Explores how airport economic impact studies are currently conducted. The report examines the methods and models used to define and identify, evaluate and measure, and communicate the different facets of the economic impact of airports. The report also highlights the various analysis methods, models, and tools that are available for local airport economic studies, as well as their applicability and tradeoffs, including limitations, trends, and recent developments.

Impact of Airport Pavement Deicing Products on Aircraft and Airfield Infrastructure (ACRP Synthesis 6)
Explores how airports chemically treat their airport pavements to mitigate snow and ice, and the chemicals used. The report also examines the effects of pavement deicing products on aircraft and airfield infrastructure, and highlights knowledge gaps in the subject.

Airport Ground Access Mode Choice Models (ACRP Synthesis 5)
Examines the characteristics of existing ground access mode choice models and explores the issues involved in the development and use of such models to improve the understanding and acceptance of their role in airport planning and management.

Counting Aircraft Operations at Non-Towered Airports (ACRP Synthesis 4)
Explores the different methods used by states, airports, and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) of counting and estimating aircraft operations at non-towered airports.  The report also examines new technologies that can be used for these counts and estimates.

General Aviation Safety and Security Practices (ACRP Synthesis 3)
Examines resources used by the general aviation community in the development of safety and security programs. The report explores funding sources and issues that determine the amount of money spent on such programs, and describes current practices that general aviation airports use to keep their facilities safe and secure.

Airport Aviation Activity Forecasting (ACRP Synthesis 2)
Examines how airport forecasts are used and identifies common aviation metrics, aviation data sources, issues in data collection and preparation, and special data issues at nontowered airports.  The report also explores available forecasting methods, including the primary statistical methods; market share analysis; econometric modeling; and time series modeling.

Innovative Finance and Alternative Sources of Revenue for Airports (ACRP Synthesis 1)
Explores alternative financing options and revenue sources currently available or that could be available in the future to airport operators, stakeholders, and policymakers in the United States. The report examines common capital funding sources used by airport operators, a reviews capital financing mechanisms used by airports, describes various revenue sources developed by airport operators, and a reviews privatization options available to U.S. airport operators.

Synthesis of Information Related to Airport Practices (ACRP Research Results Digest 3)
Digest of the progress and status of ACRP Project 11-03, Synthesis of Information Related to Airport Practices.

Model for Improving Energy Use in U.S. Airport Facilities (ACRP Research Results Digest 2)
Provides data on U.S. airports' utilization of 11 major energy management practices, offers a set of best practices for reducing energy use, and summarizes three case studies of recent recommissioning projects that resulted in significant reductions in energy use.

Synthesis of Information Related to Airport Practices (ACRP Research Results Digest 1)
Digest of the progress and status of ACRP Project 11-03, Synthesis of Information Related to Airport Practices.

TRB Transportation Research Circular E-C051: Future Aviation Activities 12th International Workshop
Summarizes a September 18-20, 2002 Transportation Research Board and Federal Aviation Administration workshop on forecasting long-term trends and developments in commercial, business, and personal air transport.

TRB Special Report 263 - Future Flight: A Review of the Small Aircraft Transportation System (2002)
Reviews the plausibility and desirability of the SATS concept, giving special consideration to whether its potential net benefits--from user benefits to overall environmental and safety effects--are sufficiently promising to warrant public-sector investment in SATS development and deployment.

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