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2020 Vol. 20, No. 2

Managing airside vegetation
field airstrip

Managing airside vegetation is about more than visibility issues. A healthy turf environment reduces maintenance needs and costs, reduces erosion and runoff, improves water quality and infiltration, and preserves the airfield surface. Effectively managing vegetation also improves safety for airport users and limits liability for the governing agency.

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Getting to the root of airfield vegetation problems
airfield and hanger

Vegetation management can solve issues at their root cause, multiplying the impact of each dollar spent. A carefully planned science-based vegetation management strategy can provide operations and maintenance departments with an economical and effective program that minimizes environmental impacts. Read on for a few options to manage turf grasses as well as unwanted weeds.

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Longtime figure at MnDOT Aeronautics embarks on next chapter
Kathy with plane

On the wall of Kathy Vesely’s office is an oversized map of the world with dozens of tiny pushpins inserted to denote places she has visited. On March 3, Vesely packed up her map, ending a 40-year career with MnDOT, 19 of which were spent in the Office of Aeronautics. Her retirement plans include adding more pins through the travel she has come to relish.

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An airport’s story: Moose Lake–Carlton County
helicopter statue

The Moose Lake–Carlton County Airport is located three miles from the town of Moose Lake in northwestern Minnesota. The airport’s operations are primarily for tourism and recreational flying, with some additional operations in business, medical, and government use. The airport has undergone fairly recent improvements that include a major reconstruction of its main runway and taxiway as well as installation of LED runway lighting.

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