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Minnesota AirTAP Discussion Group

AirTAP's discussion group on the Google Groups Web site functions as both an electronic mailing list and an online community for members of Minnesota AirTAP to exchange information. Members can participate in the discussions via e-mail or through the group's Web site.

Anyone with a Gmail account can join this group and participate in the discussions. Gmail is a free e-mail account system. Easy-to-follow instructions for obtaining an account are posted on the Google Web site. Those without a Gmail account can still access the AirTAP group site and view the discussion topics but cannot post comments or questions themselves; instead, they will receive the comments in their e-mail inbox, which can be forwarded or printed.

Note that replies are public and are sent to the entire Minnesota AirTAP group as well as posted on the group site. Group members can change the frequency with which discussion topics or replies are sent to them through e-mail.

For more information about the discussion group, e-mail the group moderator at

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